Top 3 climbers to grow in winter

These 3 climbers will not only bring joy to your garden in winter with their green leaves and flowers but will also smell nice thanks to their nice fragrances.

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The ever green shrubs and climbers can turn your grey garden into a little oasis in the winter. Also, since these are fragrant climbers that can survive the winter, you can also enjoy their elegant fragrance in the winter cold. Please check your location and hardiness rating to make the most of these winter friendly climbers.

1- Winter Beauty – Clematis Urophylla


This ever gren and fragrant clematis not only survive the winter but also blooms from December to February.  The large green leaves, elegant white bell shape flowers and nice fragrance are the reasons why this clematis is at the top of short list for top 3 climbers to grow in winter. Originally, I planted my Winter Beauty along with 4 different type of clematis. I knew that this will not bloom in the summer but since its large leaves stays ever green, I thought it can support other clematises and it did. I just fall in law with it when bell shaped, white flowers emerged in December where there were hardly anything green in my garden. 

Foliage: Evergreen

Habit: Climbing

Hardiness: H3

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2- Winter Jasmine – Jasminum Nudiflorum


Jasmine is one of my all time favourite climbers. I love Jasmine scent and I consider it as an elegant and calming fragrance. However, there are a number of different Jasmine and some of them do not do well in winter. Winter Jasmine on the other hand beautiful climber that cab survive the winter and produce elegant, yellow star shaped flowers. 

Foliage: Deciduous

Habit: Clump forming

Hardiness: H5

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3- Honeysuckle – Lonicera Purpusii


With green, yellow and white flowers and leaves and divine smell who does not like Honeysuckle. This honeysuckle not only turn your winter garden into a little green heaven but also make it smell nice too. Since it is a plant that smell nice in winter too, you may want to keep it closer to your garden door maybe on a fence or trellis. Similar to Winter Beauty Clematis, this plant is also called Winter Beauty Honeysuckle.

Foliage: Deciduous

Fragrance: Yes,  Flower

Hardiness: H6

Size: 1,5-2,5 Metres Height and 1,5 -2,5 Metres Ultimate Spread

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It is not a coincidence that both the clematis and honeysuckle are called as Winter Beauty thanks to their flowers and leaves that stay green through the winter. Jasmine is one of my all time favourite plant I like its elegant and relaxing smell. However, on this occasion Clematis Winter Beauty made it to the top of our list for Top 3 Climbers to grow in winter since it is an evergreen climber that blooms in Winter and smell nice. If you have any different winter climber why not share with us by commenting on below!

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